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A boutique investment firm innovating after five decades. Receive $3,000 when you open a Capital Markets Investment Account.*  Learn More

*Limited to the first 400 accounts opened after March 1, 2023.  Withdrawable after 12 months.

Proudly owned and operated by military veterans.

Capital Markets Strategy
Capital Markets Strategy

Capital Markets

The Capital Markets Strategy refers to investments made during certain market events that seek to maximize short-term trading opportunities, including IPOs. See Examples.

We aim to democratize access to Capital Markets investing, like Robinhood did for retail investing, by enabling individuals to participate in these deals, which are typically only available to institutions like pension funds and hedge funds.

Capital markets investing is suitable for investors with a high risk tolerance that are seeking speculative investments opportunities. This is because investments in capital markets are inherently volatile compared to traditional investments and there is a risk of total loss of principal.

Introduction Video

Program Overview

Chapter 1: Program Overview
Chapter 1: Program Overview
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Chapter 1: Program Overview

Chapter 2: About the Firm
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Chapter 2: About the Firm

Chapter 3: IPO as an Example
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Chapter 3: IPO as an Example

Chapter 4: Online Access and Paperless Statement
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Chapter 4: Online Access and Paperless Statement


Frequently Asked Question

  • What is a Capital Markets Investment Account?
    The Capital Markets Investment Account is a new offering by Benjamin Securities, Inc. It is a discretionary brokerage account where we, based on our experience and due diligence, make investments on your behalf.
  • Why are you offering the $3,000 Cash Bonus?
    Growing our investor base benefits both our brokerage business and our wealth management business. The size of our capital markets investor base fuels our Capital Markets Strategy. The more individuals that open a Capital Markets Investment Account, the more interest we receive from companies seeking capital. This, in turn, creates more investment opportunities for our clients.
  • What's in it for Benjamin?
    The size of our investor base heightens our ability to attract companies seeking to raise capital. Companies engage us to broaden investor awareness, which they hope can garner interest and broaden their shareholder base. The bigger our investor base, the more likely a company is to engage us for this and a host of other services, which often leads to repeat business. These engagements give us sufficient compensation so that we have no need to charge fees or commission to our clients. More importantly, we believe our Capital Markets Strategy will generate desirable risk-adjusted returns. This motivates our clients to invest additional money with us and inquire about our other business offerings.
  • What happens after I open an account?
    Once your account is approved and opened with the $3,000 bonus deposit, we begin investing in suitable short-term capital markets trading opportunities for you. Each investment we make on your behalf undergoes a rigorous due diligence process to determine its suitability for you. Please note that once the $3,000 bonus is deposited, this credit must remain in your account for at least twelve (12) months or it may be forfeited.
  • What deposits and fees are required?
    You are not required to make a deposit. Benjamin will never solicit a deposit from you. Other than de minimus government fees common to all brokerage accounts, Benjamin charges the customer no fees in relation to the Capital Markets Investments Account.
Easy Enrollment

$3,000 Bonus Program


Complete the Customer Information Form. We will contact you to obtain additional information by email. You may skip this step by completing the full questionnaire here.

If we determine that you are eligible, we will send you a packet of account opening documents within three business days for your review and e-sign.

Once we receive your signed documents, your account will be opened and custodied at RBC Correspondent Services, a division of RBC Capital Markets LLC, with an initial deposit of $3,000 by us.

Customer Information
Costumer Information


By submitting this form, you consent to Benjamin Securities, Inc. calling or emailing you to conduct further intake. You may skip this step by completing the full questionnaire here.

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